Peanut/Nut Free Environment

Many children have allergies to peanuts and nuts. These allergies are potentially life-threatening and we are requesting your assistance in making the classroom a safe environment for all students. Some children with food allergies can have a serious reaction by just touching the food or products containing their oils. Because this situation is so serious, no food which may contain peanuts or nuts (e.g., peanut butter or Nutella) should be sent for your child to eat in school. If any child eats these things in class, there is a possibility that residue could be inadvertently left on the tables or on children’s hands and the students who are allergic may be exposed to dangerous allergens. Many foods contain these products and labels should be checked carefully.


This National Association of School Psychologists website provides tips on how to provide children with a sense of normalcy and security after high profile violent acts.

In addition, the American School Counselor Association website has a resource page dedicated to helping students after a school shooting

National Association of School Psychologists: Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teacher
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Important Medicaid Information
Important Medicaid Information